Pancake Tortoise— The Coolest Pet To Have In 2023

As long as you commit the time to learn, caring for a Pancake tortoise is a reasonable endeavor. African Pancake Tortoises are among the world’s coolest tortoises for sale! Did you know that Tanzania and Kenya are the natural habitats of the pancake tortoise? Pancakes are not only cool, but also beautiful. Curious about the origin of the name pancake tortoise? A Pancake tortoise is, surprisingly, the “flattest” of all tortoises. Once their environment is established, pancakes remain small and are relatively simple to care for. Baby pancake tortoises produced in captivity are among the coolest species of pet tortoises for sale in the world. Using a tortoise table or tortoise housing kit is OK; however, temperature and humidity must be closely monitored. In order for a newborn tortoise to thrive, increasing humidity is the most important factor.

The African Pancake tortoise is a tortoise of small to medium size. The African pancake tortoise for sale is both unique and attractive, with vibrant yellow and orange markings on a tan shell and carapace. The African Pancake Turtle is a small, flat, flexible-shelled tortoise. By design, the shells of pancake tortoises feature holes between these bone plates, making them significantly lighter and less stiff than those of other tortoises. The bridge of pancake tortoises is flexible (that is used for connecting the plastron and carapace together). Because of this, the pancake can be slightly flattened. This characteristic allows the pancake tortoise to seek shelter in extremely small locations. Typically, pancakes can be found lurking in rock cracks. Individuals are brown with yellow lines extending from the shell.

Pancake tortoise lifespan 

The Pancake tortoise has an extended lifespan. This is essential to consider while obtaining a for sale pancake tortoise. If cared for properly, they can survive up to 25 years in captivity.


Warning: pancake tortoises are extraordinary climbers! They are suited to spend their days crawling over sun-warmed rock piles, therefore any open-topped enclosure must have a large overhanging lip or a mesh cover. Their flexible shell and long arms enable them to flip themselves over far more quickly than animals with normal-shaped shells, which is yet another adaptation to assist them deal with the inevitable falls that accompany their acrobatic lifestyle.

Important for all infant tortoise species, including the Pancake tortoise, is humidity. Baby Pancakes require around 75% relative humidity. Indoors, habitats tend to be on the drier side. This means that indoor-dwelling pancake tortoises require additional humidity. Enclosures that are sealed make it easier to maintain adequate humidity.

Baby Pancake tortoises should be maintained at a temperature of 95 degrees Fahrenheit. A chilly end of 77F okay, as is a hot area about 100F, but the ambient temperature remains the most crucial factor. At the Turtle store, the first worry is the ambient temperature and avoiding becoming too cold. It is important to focus more on this than on the commonly discussed temperature gradient. Evening temperatures may fall into the high 60s.


turtle tortoise

When acquiring pancake tortoise from farm, they eat a variety of grasses, hay, and greens (such as collard, turnip, and mustard greens), as well as dandelion greens, endive, squash, carrots, hibiscus leaves, and numerous other vegetables and leafy greens. In addition, breeders provide softened and soaked Mazuri tortoise chow, which can be used to complement fresh food and ensure adequate vitamin D levels. Add calcium and multivitamins to all fresh foods for your newborn pancake tortoise and adult pancake tortoises for sale.


Exposure to UVB light is crucial for all tortoises, including baby Pancake tortoises. We suggest a Reptisun UVB 10.0 T5 lamp (tube style). Using the 10% bulb is acceptable; however, a 12% lamp is advised at distances 15 to 24 inches above the tortoise. Even the Arcadia UVB lights are slightly more expensive, they also last twice as long. The mercury vapor metal halide light bulb is also effective for pancake tortoises.