Bearded Dragon Enclosure 101

So you have decided to have a bearded dragon, well, Congratulations! Putting together his brand-new house is going to be one of the most exciting things you can do before he arrives. But it can also be a really overwhelming task, because there is no shortage of opinions on how to create the ideal habitat for a bearded dragon, and different people have different ideas about how to accomplish this. I was wondering what kind of material you should use. What kind of temperature should the tank be at? Is it true that sand is so undesirable? What sort of illumination do you require?

Try not to let it get to you! When it comes to preparing your bearded dragon’s new home, we will provide you with an overview of what is safe and what is not, as well as the fundamentals you need to create the best possible tank setup for your dragon, which we will share with you.

Best tank for beginners

The Carolina Cages Extra-Long 120-Gallon enclosure is an excellent choice for those who are just starting out. This impressive terrarium for bearded dragons features clear glass on all sides, so there are no obstructions to the view, and it also has sliding doors that can be locked. In comparison to the other enclosures on our list, this tank offers the highest level of safety; however, the purchase price reflects the increased level of safety offered.

The fact that this terrarium can be viewed in its entirety from any one of its four sides is one of our favorite aspects of its design. It has a simple look but still provides a huge amount of interior space that can be utilized for backdrops, props, and other equipment once it is assembled, and it looks great displayed on a stand or other piece of furniture.

This terrarium for bearded dragons has a capacity of 120 gallons and measures 48 inches by 24 inches by 24 inches. If you purchase a large enclosure for your bearded dragon, you will have the ability to decorate it in a variety of different ways without limiting your beardie’s ability to roam, climb, or dig. The weight of this tank is disproportionate to its size. Having said that, it is also the most reliable and risk-free terrarium that we tested.

Comparable to the terrariums sold by REPTI ZOO, the top of each Carolina Cage is made of mesh. On the other hand, these mesh tops can be taken off independently of one another on each half of the enclosure. This is a great design feature that makes installing lights and accessing the interior of the tank much easier for beginners. The tank has been designed with this feature in mind.

In addition, this enclosure features double doors that slide open on rollers and can be locked using a key. However, the grips are actually detachable suction cups. These cups make it easy to clean the glass, but we discovered that if you pull on them too forcefully, they can come loose. This is primarily an aesthetic concern and does not have any bearing on the terrarium’s security in any way.

This enclosure has perfectly see-through sides on all of its panels. This tank is the only one on our list that provides a view of your bearded dragon in any direction you turn your head. Clear glass reduces the likelihood that your bearded dragon will see its own reflection in the container, which could cause it to become anxious.

The fact that this glass is so thin, especially in comparison to the REPTI ZOO and Exo Terra models, is one of the product’s drawbacks. Despite the fact that this does not compromise the safety of the bearded dragon cage in any way, it does mean that the floor may become warm when an under-tank heater is in use. Nevertheless, you can quickly resolve this issue by increasing the depth of your substrate or by adjusting the temperature of the heater using a thermostat.

Best overall tank

The REPTI ZOO 85-Gallon Reptile Terrarium is an excellent home for a fully grown bearded dragon. It is not an excessively large space, but it offers sufficient room in all directions for a natural arrangement. It also has adequate ventilation and a number of ergonomic installation features for heaters, thermometers, and lights, making it a well-designed product overall. The tank is delivered in a disassembled state but has a very simple assembly procedure.

This enclosure is perfect for your bearded dragon because of its spaciousness. Behind the low-reflectivity glass, you will be able to enjoy watching your dragon engage in its natural behaviors, which is another perk. This glass is very simple to clean and has a very high resistance to being scratched by the claws of a bearded dragon.

This terrarium is without a doubt one of the most well-designed, secure, and practical ones that we have come across.

This terrarium impressed us with its high level of safety. Swivel locks are what keep the top in place, despite the fact that it can be taken off if desired. In addition, the front doors have locks that can only be opened with the correct key.

The ideal entrance for a terrarium housing a bearded dragon is a set of front sliding doors. They provide improved accessibility in comparison to the conventional top-open tank design. This model features double sliding doors that open in the front and can be opened a small amount, all the way, or anywhere in between.

When you are feeding your Bearded Dragon, the doors can be opened easily so that you can place insects or greens in its bowl. The doors can be opened all the way in order to facilitate cleaning, alterations to the substrate, and the addition of large climbing decorations. Because the doors open so widely, even novices won’t have to stress about accidentally knocking their dragon’s head or tail while they are handling it.

In addition, the top of this tank is constructed entirely of mesh. This top has mesh holes that are a little bit bigger than usual to help with the airflow within the enclosure and the penetration of UVB rays. In addition to that, it featured an additional mesh panel on the left side that served to increase ventilation. This panel not only contributes to the formation of a good heat gradient, but it also permits excess humidity to escape and facilitates the circulation of clean air throughout the enclosure. Because of this mesh panel, you must not put this cage in a room that is kept at a low temperature. The increased ventilation results in a significant amount of heat loss.

This terrarium comes with closable gaps for wires along the top of the enclosure, in addition to the basic enclosure itself. In addition to that, it has a cable portal on the left side that can be removed. We discovered that the cable pass does, in fact, block the view on the left side, but the convenience it provides more than makes up for the fact that the view is blocked.

Even though it arrives in pieces, putting together this terrarium took us no more than a quarter of an hour. When you are setting up the tank, you need to be very careful not to chip the glass panels. It is very solid and sturdy once it has been put together.

Where to place the enclosure

There are some people who take care of dragons for the first time who might not realize how essential it is to plan ahead for where they will house their bearded dragon. If you clear out some space and get everything organized before you bring your new reptilian companion into the house, you will save yourself a lot of stress. The following are some considerations to keep in mind when selecting a new home for your dragon:

  • Keep your dragon out of the bright sunlight as much as possible. This could very well be the end for your bearded dragon. When they are kept in captivity, however, direct exposure to sunlight, which is healthy for them in the wild, can quickly prove fatal. It doesn’t take much for the heat from the sun to get trapped inside the terrarium, especially if it’s made of glass, and the temperature will rise to the point where it could kill your dragon. The best way to give them the light and heat that they require is to give them a UVB lamp of good quality.
  • Determine in advance how much space you will require. If you’ve never had a pet reptile before, you might not be aware of how large the tank actually is, and the quantity of room it requires might come as a surprise to you. The dimensions of a typical 40-gallon tank are as follows: 36 inches in length, 18 inches in width, and 18 inches in depth. Be sure to take the necessary measurements in advance so that you can locate a stable surface to place it on.
  • Make sure that the bearded dragon’s tank is not within reach of any of your other animals or children if you have younger ones. Your dragon might fall prey to your cats and dogs. If you are unable to keep your dragon in a room that is separate from your other pets, such as a cat or dog, then you must ensure that the enclosure will not topple over and that the lid is properly fastened. If you have young children, you should never allow them to approach the tank without an adult present, and you should place the terrarium out of their reach. If a child is successful in toppling the tank, they not only put themselves at risk of serious injury but also put your dragon at risk of injury or death.
  • At the same time, check that you won’t have any trouble getting to the tank. Because you will need to clean the tank, take your dragon out of the tank for playtime and baths, and shower your dragon with lots of love, it is in your best interest to position the tank in such a way that you can easily access it.
  • Maintain a quiet environment inside the enclosure at all times. Bearded dragons have a propensity to become very stressed when exposed to loud noises. For instance, if you regularly watch television on a large screen, if you play an electric guitar, or if there is a side of your house where you can hear constant traffic, you should do your best to keep your dragon out of earshot of these activities.
  • Place the tank in an area that gets plenty of light during the day but is completely dark at night. Even though you will be providing your dragon with UVB light for the full 24 hours of each day, dragons have trouble sleeping when lights are left on during the night. For this reason, it is best to keep them in a room that is quiet and dark during the night. If your bearded dragon does end up going through the brumation process, this is something that is extremely important to keep in mind.