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T-Rex Mouse Maker
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Mouse Maker

MOUSE MAKER: T-Rex Mouse Maker is the result of advanced research designed to enhance the palatability of a wide range of dietary resources. The product is derived from both volatile and non-volatile mouse-scent components that have been demonstrated to be very effective prey attractants for snakes and lizards whose diets normally consist of rodents. These include: Ball Pythons, Corn Snakes, Kingsnakes, Monitors and omnivorous species such as Bearded Dragons. =

Simply apply one or more drops of T-Rex Mouse Maker using the internal dispenser onto the food item and offer it immediately to your snake or lizard. It works best to scent only one end of a long food item to attract the reptile to begin feeding at that end. Once the food is taken, the process of swallowing will follow without problem. T-Rex Mouse Maker has been shown to be especially useful in encouraging a feeding response when using the T-Rex Snake Steak Sausage with reptiles which have never been offered them before. Mouse Maker works particularly well with newly imported baby Ball Pythons.

T-Rex Mouse Maker can also be used to scent dried foods which may not be freely accepted by your reptile. This works particularly well with adult Green Iguanas, which should never be given animal protein, even though they love it. By scenting their food with Mouse Maker, they think that they are eating mice instead of the herbivorous material actually being offered. The same is true for herbivorous and omnivorous turtles and tortoises. The product is especially useful to increase palatability for reluctant feeders.

LIZARD MAKER: T-Rex Lizard Maker is derived from both volatile and non-volatile lizard-skin scent components that have been demonstrated to be very effective prey attractants for a wide range of reptile species that naturally prey on other reptiles, particularly lizards.

T-Rex Lizard Maker has been tested successfully on Corn Snakes, Kingsnakes, including Gray Banded Kingsnakes and Mountain Kingsnakes, Milksnakes, Tree Snakes, Hognose Snakes, Whip Snakes, small Boas, including Rubber and Rosey Boas, Bearded Dragons, Water Dragons, Skinks, Monitors and Tegus.

T-Rex Lizard Maker is especially effective in encouraging a feeding response in juvenile snakes that normally prefer to feed on lizards as a first prey, before graduating on to mice in later life. Pinky mice offered to these baby snakes should first be thoroughly washed and dried, to remove any mouse odor, before applying Lizard Maker. This principle applies to any food offered that you want to smell only of Lizard Maker.

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