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Bed-A-Beast - Bed-A-Beast" is an environ...
This product is discontinued.

Bed-A-Beast" is an environmentally friendly, pet and reptile bedding material. Bed-A-Beast is ideal for iguanas, turtles, tortoises, amphibians, snakes, lizards & many others.

Made from 100% natural materials.

Easily prepared. 1 brick expands 7-8 times.

Non-toxic and non-abrasive to the skin & eyes.

Highly absorbent.

Harmless if ingested.

Used BED-A-BEAST" bedding makes an excellent soil additive for gardening and can be used as a replacement for Sphagnum Peat Moss. Used bedding can also be safely composted. BED-A-BEAST" is an "Earth Friendly Product" and is 100% RECYCLABLE!


To use wet: To prepare BED-A-BEAST", place block in a pail, sink or large pot. Add 3-4 quarts of hot water. Allow block to expand for 20-30 minutes. Fluff out material by hand. Wring out excess moisture if desired.

To use dry: Squeeze out excess moisture, spread thinly, allow to dry in the sun as required.

Here is what the experts say......

"I can't say enough positive highlights about this new recyclable substrate... Once reconstituted with water, this product can be left moist for tropical exhibits or dried out for use in desert exhibits... 1 heartily endorse this product and urge other herp enthusiasts to give it a try."

Jim Hitchner - Herp Keeper, Roger Williams Park Zoo

"Tortoise bedding, tarantula bedding, cricket propagation media, exhibit enclosures, egg incubation media and amphibian substrate. We are using it more and more throughout the herp collection and I use it extensively at home too."

Bill Holmstrom - Collection Manager Reptile House, Bronx Zoo

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