Books, Magazines and DVDs

Books, Magazines and DVDs

Hundreds of herp titles - Care and feeding, Veterinary manuals, Field guides, Natural history, Magazine subscriptions, and more.
  • Bearded Dragons

    Bearded Dragons

    Bearded Dragons are desert creatures who...

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  • Boas and Pythons

    Boas and Pythons

    Boas and Pythons...

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  • Chameleons


    Old World Chameleons...

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  • Colubrid Snakes

    Colubrid Snakes

    Milk Snakes, Corn Snakes, Kingsnakes, et...

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  • Crocodilians


    Alligators, Crocodiles and Kinナ...

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  • Feeder Care

    Feeder Care

    Feeder Care and Husbandry...

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  • Field Guides

    Field Guides

    Reptile and/or Amphibian Field Guides...

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  • Frogs-Amphibians


    Frogs and other Amphibians -- husbandry ...

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  • Geckos


    Books and Videos on Geckos...

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  • General Herp Titles

    General Herp Titles

    General Reference Titles...

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  • Health


    Health / Veterinary Titles...

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  • Herp Related DVDs

    Herp Related DVDs

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  • Iguanas


    Green Iguanas and other Iguanid Lizards...

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  • Invertebrates


    Tarantulas, Scorpions and kinナ...

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  • Magazine Subscriptions

    Magazine Subscriptions

    Magazine Subscriptions thru Enews.comナ...

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  • Magazines


    Individual issues and annual magazines...

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  • Misc Audio - Video

    Misc Audio - Video

    CD's, Cassettes, Video Tapes, etcナ...

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  • Natural History

    Natural History

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  • Other Lizards

    Other Lizards

    Lizards -- husbandry and care info...

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  • Other Snakes

    Other Snakes

    Snakes -- husbandry and care info...

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  • Ponds


    Pond and water garden titles....

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  • Turtles-Tortoises


    Turtles and Tortoises -- husbandry and c...

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  • Vivaria


    General References on Vivarium Design...

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