Rep-Cal Iguana Food, Adult


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Rep-Cal Iguana Food, Adult

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Adult Iguana Food / Rep-Cal

Rep-Cal Adult Iguana Food is formulated to ensure proper growth and health by providing complete and balanced nutrition. It is a veterinarian recommended food containing natural plant and fruit ingredients iguanas love and provides the 100% complete daily nutrition they need.

Rep-Cal Adult Iguana Food has been tested successfully for adult iguanas (more than 12" long from nose to base of tail) by reptile veterinarians. It is fortified with optimal levels of vitamins and minerals like calcium and vitamin D3 so no other food or supplements are required.

* Rep-Cal Iguana Food contains real fruit fiber, and is formulated to ensure proper growth and health by providing complete and balanced nutrition.
* Adult Formula is recommended for iguanas more than 12" long (from nose to base of tail). Rep-Cal Iguana foods are fortified with optimal levels of vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin D3.

Available in: 10oz. and 4.5 lbs. and 45 lbs.


* Note: Bulk bags are shipped directly from manufacturer. Please allow an extra 7 to 10 days for delivery. Shipping is
included on Bulk Bags Only.


Feeding Guidlines:
* Feed every morning: Offer slightly more food than your iguana can eat in a day, and allow your pet access to its food for the entire daylight period. Be sure to empty and clean the dish at the end of each day.
* Be aware of intimidation by cage-mates: If more than one iguana shares a cage, provide a separate feeding and drinking station for each animal.
* Have water available at all times: Your iguana should have access at all times to a shallow bowl containing fresh, clean water.
* Pellets can be moistened in water or fruit juice before feeding: Some iguanas find that the softer soaked pellets are easier to pick up

General Care Considerations:
*A healthy iguana is alert and may be quite active, although usually most of its day will be spent resting. It will eat and drink readily, and enjoy being misted. Green iguanas naturally excrete salt from their nose, and a small amount of white crusting around the nostrils is normal. The abdomen of a healthy iguana appears plump, not empty and not bloated. Its stools are dark and formed. The urine may be clear in part. White chalky deposits in urine are termed urates and are normal.
*Food intakes will be less than optimal when animals are cold, sick or stressed. Low food intake is unhealthy for your iguana and will increase its susceptibility to serious disease. Ensure that the humidity and temperature of the cage are appropriate and observe for stressful conditions. Factors that may stress your iguana include a cage that is too small or too cold, and intimidation by a cage mate. If low food intake persists, consult your veterinarian.





Iguana Size
(Snout-Vent Length)
Rep-Cal Food
Amount of Food/Day
under 6" Juvenile 1/3 cup
6" - 8" Juvenile 1/2 cup
8" - 10" Juvenile 2/3 cup
10" - 12" Juvenile 1 cup
12" - 14" Adult 3/4 cup
14" - 16" Adult 1 cup
over 16" Adult 1 1/2 cups



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